ELF BAR Name Change and Lawsuit | EB Design (formerly elf bar)

Learn all about the ELF BAR name change and lawsuit, including the EB Design release date, trademark infringement case against Shenzhen Weiboli Technology, and Judge Aileen M Cannon's ruling in favor of VPR Brands.
ELF BAR Name Change and Lawsuit | EB Design (formerly elf bar) - EJUICEOVERSTOCK.COM

The Elf Bar Name Change:

EB Design, the new name for BC5000 flavors and devices, is set to hit shelves soon. Adult consumers will be able to experience the same great flavors and devices they know and love with a new name change. Consumers can expect the same powerful performance they've come to trust from BC5000 now under the EB Design label.

The obvious connection to the name change are the initials of ELFBAR which are "E" and "B," which leads us to the name “EB Design”. Consumers can start to look forward to the arrival of their new product boxes! Printing is underway and the new boxes should arrive in March 2023.

The Elf Bar Legal Battle:

An intense legal battle is unfolding over the rights to a popular name that has been in use since 2017. The Origins of Elfbar have become crucial evidence as both sides spar regarding ownership and rightful usage. Get all the details here!

On February 23rd, a U.S. federal judge ruled that Shenzhen Weiboli Technology must halt their marketing of the Elfbar e-cigarette in the United States due to VPR Brands' claims of trademark infringement. Judge Aileen M Cannon concluded there was enough evidence suggesting confusion between both companies’ products and supported VPR's stance on facing harm if its competitor continued sales within America’s borders.

In November, VPR made a stand against Shenzhen Weiboli for an alleged infringement of their Elf trademark. Judge Cannon noted that the U.S Patent and Trademark Office had denied registration of an Elfbar mark due to potential confusion with VPR's existing brand name. This dispute has resulted in estimated losses totaling around $100 million, as well as patent infringements regarding e-cigarette devices so it is clear why this decision holds such significant implications for future sales at stake here.

VPR welcomed the judge’s ruling, expressing appreciation for affirming Elf as a trademark. Joel B. Rothman of Srip Law shared that this decision enables VPR to take swift legal action against any infringement or counterfeiting in circulation. Shenzhen Weiboli plans to pursue an appeal regarding the order.